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Welcome to Pine Hills...

A picturesque, 18-hole golf course,

that has been owned and operated by the Grygiel family, since 1954.

Our History

Pine Hills began as a 9-hole facility, that was designed and built by Carl and Cecilia Grygiel. Carl came from a golfing family and was one of 7 brothers - all of whom were golf caddies before World War II. Out of the 7 brothers, 5 entered the golf industry and 4 became PGA professionals. Following World War II, Carl returned and began to build his 9-hole golf course single-handedly with an 8N Ford tractor. 


​However, Carl was called back into the service for the Korean War in 1950. After 2 more years of service, Carl returned and resumed work on the course. It was completed and opened to the public in 1954,

but his work was not done.


By 1965, Carl had built a new clubhouse and in 1967 he completed an additional 9-holes. He accomplished all of this with his wife and 3 children, Carol, Christine and Carl Jr. by his side. Carl was a kind and well-respected man who "lived and breathed" Pine Hills.

Now, Pine Hills Golf Course is in its second generation of ownership. Carl Grygiel’s son, Carl Jr., a PGA professional and his wife Becky, purchased the course in February 1985. They had four children, Kristen, Audrey, Natasha, and Clayton, all of whom grew up working here. Since their purchase in 1985, Carl and Becky have continuously upgraded and improved the course. In 2011, they completed the construction of a brand new, Adirondack-style clubhouse. Most of the wood used in the build was sustainably harvested from the golf course property and was processed with the family’s sawmill.

In 2014, Carl’s son Clayton and his wife Erin began to assist in managing Pine Hills. They are continuing the tradition of providing a quality, full-service, golf facility with a family-friendly atmosphere and are constantly upgrading all aspects of the business. As of 2022, Clayton and Erin have officially started to take over the third generation of ownership, along with their children Olivia and Noah. 

Carl Grygiel

Carl and his brothers...the "Golfing Grygiels"!

 Carl Jr. 

Carl & his brother-in-law.

Carl ,Carl Jr. & Cecilia

Carol, Carl Jr. & Christine

Carol & Christine

Carl & Carl Jr. digging the pond on #2

Check out this video from 'CNY Open House' about the upgrades that were made to the facility by Carl Jr. and his wife, Becky.

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